Chapter 1

Christmas Tree Cutting 2020

Chapter 2

Connor’s Signing Day, which was four days before my surgery. If you look at the top of my head, you can see the bumps which were the tumors that needed to be removed.

Chapter 3

Drain in the side of my head post-surgery on April 30.
Still recovering from surgery 4 days later
Christy and I discharge on May 5, eight days after the original surgery.
We had many fantastic people looking after us but Emma was our favorite. Notice the VAC which I would have with me for the next 9 weeks.
One Week Post-Discharge Appointment – Very Unshaven
Have not let my hair grow out this much since I was 22! This is 3 weeks after surgery.

Chapter 4

The “Goldfish” stage of my back wound. Sort of looks like a goldfish cracker.
One month post-surgery
VAC dressing in place on my back. This dressing took about 90 minutes to remove and put on a new one. Three to four times per week this would take place. Probably the most pain I have been through.
Incision site. Underneath the “triangle” is where the surgeons connected the veins and arteries from my lat muscle to my head.
Our bedroom which now looked like a wound closet
Radiation Mask
Video of the radiation burn and wound flap separation from my forehead.
Banging the Gong!

Chapter 5

VAC Dressing “Matrix Style”
Post Surgery August – Drains coming out of each side of my head. They were very painful to remove.
Back wound looking better but stalled in healing. The outer burgundy margins are where we started healing from after our April 27 surgery.
Discharged after 18 straight days in the hospital from treating our infections and two head surgeries.

Chapter 6

The head wound just not wanting to close
Skin Graft on back wound
Donor Site for Skin Graft – Left Thigh. It is about the size of an iPhone.
Graft beginning to incorporate into the back wound. This was taken about one month after the graft was put in place.

Chapter 8

The surgeons added the bottom stapled incision site to help with getting my graft and head skin to mesh. January 4, 2022 Surgery
Another view of the back of my head after surgery on January 4, 2022.
Side of the head from January 4, 2022 surgery
Lots of staples and sutures from January 4, 2022.
My son Connor’s letter to me prior to my first surgery on April 27. This is the original copy and the image is slightly crooked due to the bending of the letter in the envelope.

Prologue Pictures

Jimmy and Blanton. He finally gave in and we adopted our third dog. Blanton will be in training to be certified as a therapy dog. Blanton follows Jimmy around everywhere he goes.
March 29, 2022 Post-Surgery pictures. Still trying to get the wounds on my head closed. Five-hour surgery.
Independence Day with Blanton and the Family

In the NC mountains with my beautiful wife!

Durham Bulls Game with Christy