About Jimmy Kitson


I live in Wake Forest, NC with my amazing wife Christy and two incredible children, Connor and Kelcie. I love to share stories of leadership, and love to learn from both the positive experiences and the opportunistic challenges life provides us. My motto is “Well Done is Greater than Well Said”. I love sports, I am an avid North Carolina State University supporter, and spend spare time with my family and cooking on my Traeger Smoker.

2 thoughts on “About Jimmy Kitson

  1. Ron Riley.....PB

    Jimmy… excellent posts…Have tried to call you but I could not find your recent number. Would love to catch up with you and glad to see you are doing well.


  2. Brian Groves

    Hey buddy, just stopping in to acknowledge being here and enjoying the posts on your site. We are all pulling for, thinking of and praying for you. Ran across a quote this week that made me think of you. “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” – Bruce Lee. You are an inspiration for us all. Get well and get back to your Align team…and make that stat please!


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